Customer Service

We're here for you, Day or Night!

Tree Classics customer support has been offering online and phone support across the U.S. since 1995. Our associates here are trained, seasoned, and capable professionals. All Tree Classics Support Agents have real hands-on experience with our products and stay up to date with the new technology and styles we release each year.

  • We request feedback and ask for comments, not just to hear compliments, but to help improve our service as a TEAM.
  • We have an elite team of specialists that know our products really well.
  • Tree Classics prides itself on personal customer service from our in-house experts. We strive to answer every call as fast as we can. In our peak season, you may experience a delay in reaching us but please know we are giving our best to each customer from our dedicated staff and we will be with you as fast as we can.
  • Email support and follow-up with all email requests with an average turnaround time less than 24 hours.
  • Advanced email tracking system allows the customer to inquire about the product in question without having to repeat one's self each and every time.

In conclusion, we strive to show our customers that we mean business in all aspects of support with multiple features to help assure that the product in our box is packed with more than just another holiday item, but a wide variety of services, support, promotions, and trust that the customer will have peace of mind when buying from Tree Classics.

You can reach our customer service experts through anyone of the following ways:

Phone: 1-877-699-6278 (Monday-Friday: 8am - 8pm CST)
Mailing address:

Tree Classics
6508 S 27th St
Suite 9200
Oak Creek, WI 53154