> Assembling Your Tree

Assembling Your Tree

How to Assemble a Tree Classics Snap Tree™

Step 1:
Ensure the tree stand is in display mode by twisting the main pole, pushing down gently to shorten, and locking back in place.
Step 2:
Snap the shortened stand into the base section of the tree making sure that the lift-assist pivot feet lie flat on floor.
Step 3:
Stand at the top end of your tree and lift the tree right-side-up, ensuring that the pivoting feet are planted firmly on the ground as you do so.
Step 4:
Roll the tree to the desired display location.
Step 5:
Pull the branches down one by one while extending the twigs alternately upward and outward to make them appear full. For more information on how to shape your tree click here.
Step 6:
To finish, insert the top section of the tree and plug the lights into a power outlet.