> Assembling Your Tree

Assembling Your Tree

How to Assemble a Tree Classics Artificial Christmas Tree

Step 1:
Unfold the tree stand so that its legs are perpendicular to each other, then insert the eyebolts without tightening them fully.
Step 2:
Insert the bottom section of the tree into the stand and tighten the eyebolts.
Step 3:
Pull the branches down one by one while extending the twigs alternately upward and outward to make them appear full. For more information on how to shape your tree click here.
Step 4:
Add the next section and repeat steps 3 and 4 until you've reached the top of the tree.
Step 5:
If your tree is pre-lit, connect the light strings from one section to the next as you add each section of the tree.
Step 6:
To finish, find the long single tip on the top of the tree and point it towards the ceiling.