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<div class="a wg"><span class="c1">Classic Fraser Fir Wreath</span><span class="c2">24 in</span><span class="c3">Wreath</span><span class="c4 un">Unlit </span><span class="c5">138</span></div> <div class="d wg"><span class="c1">Classic Fraser Fir Wreath</span><span class="c2">32 in</span><span class="c3">Wreath</span><span class="c4 un">Unlit </span><span class="c5">231</span></div>
Classic Fraser Fir Wreath24 inWreathUnlit 138

Sale Price:$34.99
Classic Fraser Fir Wreath32 inWreathUnlit 231

Sale Price:$70.00
24 in unlit
32 in unlit
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I love the wreath. When my husband hung the wreath in the door it looked just beautiful! I could not wait to show it to our friends!
—Leimbriz Sundar from East Stroudsburg, PA
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Closely resembles the bushy beauty of a
true pine. Right down to the miniature
pine cones that appear randomly throughout.
—Bob Vila about the Virginia Pine »