Sparkling Emerald Fir
Sparkling Emerald Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


Douglas Fir FlipTree™

Exclusive FlipTree™ technology for an easy setup

Tree Classics has acquired these FlipTrees from Christmas Home and we're excited to offer them to you on clearance for a limited time only! Our Douglas Fir FlipTree® fulfills every imaginable wish for the perfect Christmas tree…Read more »
Choose Your Perfect Douglas Fir Fliptree™ (height includes stand)
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Tree Classics has acquired these FlipTrees from Christmas Home and we're excited to offer them to you on clearance for a limited time only! Our Douglas Fir FlipTree® fulfills every imaginable wish for the perfect Christmas tree. Inspired by the majestic beauty of the Cascade Mountains where these firs tower above all others, this lush version mimics a young Douglas Fir on the cusp of soaring skyward, with a sweeping profile softened by fluffy PVC needles radiating in all directions.

Light and maneuverable, set-up couldn't be easier with the Douglas Fir. You simply roll the tree into place, flip it down, insert the top, and connect the lights. With the patented FlipTree® technology, you never lift the heavy sections of the tree, only the lightweight treetop. Nicest of all, when the holidays are over and you're stuffed full of your favorite feastings, you just roll it to its storage place.

The softly glowing branches are hand-wrapped with commercial-grade PerfectGlow™ lights that gleam evenly throughout the tree and fill your home with holiday warmth. Staggered branches and thousands of 100% high-quality PVC spruce tips give the tree a fuller profile, while hinged memory wire branches fall into place quickly and need minimal fluffing to shape. The extra deep pockets provide plenty of space to showcase ornaments of every size, ribbons, and decorative sprays. Anchored in tradition and natural beauty, you'll find the Douglas Fir FlipTree® a pleasure to decorate and celebrate with every season. Please note shipping is only available within the continental US.

    All Models:

  • Easy 1-2-3 FlipTree™ stand with premium locking casters and 72" cord
  • 30-Day Clearance Products Warranty. Learn more
  • 100% PVC needles
  • Mini handheld remote control included
  • Three puncture-resistant storage bags
  • Sleeve protectors and gloves to protect your hands and clothes while setting up tree
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Spare PerfectGlow™ light bulbs and fuses
  • Professionally strung lights to hide wires

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Sparkling Emerald Fir9 ft50 inUnlit 1804
$ 169.77


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