Monticello Regency Fir
Monticello Regency Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


Monticello Regency Fir Christmas Tree

with Real-Feel ™ Technology

Full and majestic, the Monticello Regency Fir Christmas Tree will set hearts aflutter with joy this holiday season. Characterized by a classic teardrop shape with an abundance of forest-green and realistic-looking needles…Read more »
The Monticello Regency Fir offers:
Highly realistic Real-Feel™ needles
Hinged branches for easy setup
Strong, durable construction
Worry-Free™ UL® lights to last for years
Sturdy metal stand included
Choose Your Perfect Monticello Regency Fir (tree height includes stand):
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Full and majestic, the Monticello Regency Fir Christmas Tree will set hearts aflutter with joy this holiday season. Characterized by a classic teardrop shape with an abundance of forest-green and realistic-looking needles, this tree´s lush foliage will impress anyone with its grandeur, whether it is lit with clear or multicolored Christmas lights.

Our Monticello Regency Fir´s lush profile is perfect for those who prefer to see a bit more tree than ornaments, although there's still plenty of room to hang your favorite Christmas baubles. The tips are made of realistic Real-Feel™ PE, making our tree look as real as any fir tree in the forest. Its strong tips will hold your largest decorations for years to come. Our exclusive Real Feel® needles made from 55% PE exhibit qualities similar to true evergreen foliage, from the color to the texture.

Whether placed in the living room next to the fireplace with a plump tree skirt wrapped around the base for a cozy look, or in the front hall where its bountiful appeal greets guests with cheer, the Monticello Regency Fir is the ideal artificial Christmas tree for those who want a top-quality, charming tree that is sure to impress.

    All Models:

  • 30-Day Clearance Products Warranty. Learn more
  • Combination of realistic-looking Real-Feel™ PE needles on the outside and classic PVC needles towards the inside for fullness
  • Hinged branches for easy setup
  • Flame-proof material
  • Sturdy metal stand included
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Worry-Free™ UL® - approved lights
  • Professionally strung lights to hide wires
  • If a bulb burns out, the rest of the bulbs stay lit
  • Extra bulbs and fuses included


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