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LED Christmas Trees

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Set a festive ambience for your family room while preserving Mother Nature's precious green resources with these new, energy-efficient lights from our pre-lit LED Christmas trees. Our LED lights are made from environment-friendly, green technology. They consume less electricity than conventional Christmas lighting, helping you save on your home utility costs during the holidays. They don’t have filaments like the ones in incandescent bulbs so they virtually never burn out.

Display our new artificial trees with LED lights outdoors to create a dazzling holiday landscape. Because our trees use Worry-Free™ UL-approved lights, customers can expect that they are especially durable and naturally resistant to abuse and moisture. After the holidays are over, easily wrap and stow them away for the next season.

Just like your artificial Christmas trees, green artificial trees with LED lights are an investment. They may cost more upfront than their less-efficient counterparts, but they are undeniably cheaper to operate. Its green, energy-saving properties and long lifespan reduce everyday maintenance and replacement expenses. They are a stylish and modern choice for lighting.

Our artificial trees with LED lights will be the perfect addition to your Christmas holiday. Your family will love decorating each of their beautiful branches year after year. Whether you choose a large tree or a small one, we know that you’ll love your tree for years to come.

Most of all, our new lighted trees feature incredibly realistic-looking, green christmas tree needles that mimic the color and texture of true evergreen foliage. The tree varieties look and feel so lifelike you can almost smell the distinct pine fragrance on Christmas morning. From the different shapes, sizes, and needle types, our LED artificial Christmas trees add a welcoming glow to your most precious celebrations for years to come.

Customers Love Tree Classics™
LOVE this tree!
It is a beautiful, real life looking tree. I love how easy it is to put together--only two plugs and light enough for one person to assemble. We are VERY pleased with this tree and Tree Classics�good service, good quality, and best of all a real looking tree that is beautiful
—Lisa from San Antonio, TX
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