Grand Fir
Grand Fir Christmas Tree


Grand Fir Christmas Tree

with Real-Feel ™ Technology

One of our most beloved Christmas trees, the Grand Fir was carefully modeled after the Abies grandis, a fir native to the Pacific Northwest. It is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your family gatherings.Read more »
The Grand Fir offers:
Highly realistic Real-Feel™ needles
Energy efficient Worry-Free™ LED lights
Worry-Free™ UL® lights to last for years
Sturdy metal stand included
Extra bulbs and fuses included
Quick Set Lights Instantly with a Single Plug
Choose Your Perfect Grand Fir (tree height includes stand):
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One of our most beloved Christmas trees, the Grand Fir was carefully modeled after the Abies grandis, a fir native to the Pacific Northwest. It is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your family gatherings. This artificial tree will constantly attract the admiration of children and adults with its realistic appearance, lofty branches, and outdoor beauty.

Our captivating tree looks and feels like a real grand fir with its exceptionally lush profile made of long, forking Real Feel™ needle-covered branches. With its layered flat tips featuring silver undersides, it is so lifelike you can almost smell the distinct, fresh grand fir fragrance as you enjoy your Christmas dinner. Sparkling with lights, it invites your family to gather around for playful moments and cozy chats. Some LED models feature our convenient Quick Set™ lighting system, which incorporates all light strings within the tree trunk. Light connections are automatically made while setting up, so a single plug is all you need to illuminate your tree. It's so easy to connect the different sections of your tree.

Our beautiful Grand Fir Christmas tree comes in a variety of heights so you can enjoy it no matter the size of your room. It comes in 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 9 feet, 10 ft, and 12 ft tall varieties. Your options, as far as lighting goes, depends on the height of the tree. However, all of them have more than one lighting variety, with the exception of the 10 ft tree. No matter what restrictions you have on space, we're confident that you'll be able to find something that fits your needs.

Don't forget, we have a variety of beautiful Christmas ornaments to hang from the branches of your tree to further enhance the Christmas spirit. Pick whichever ones you like the most.

Enjoy the natural charm of this tree and decorate its remarkable number of tips with as many cherished ornaments as you wish. For a warm, merry holiday season, set up our Grand Fir artificial Christmas tree in your home.

    All Models:

  • 2-Year Light & Foliage Warranty. Learn more
  • Extremely high PE - features 82% realistic-looking Real-Feel™ PE needles
  • Fresh-green, five-way forking PE tips with silver undersides
  • Remarkably high number of layered flat tips for full appearance
  • Hinged branches for easy set-up
  • Flame-proof material
  • Sturdy metal stand included
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Models with Quick Set™ technology (QS) automatically connect all light strings during set-up
  • LED models feature energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Worry-Free™ UL Listed lights
  • Lights are professionally strung to hide wires
  • If a bulb burns out, the rest stay lit
  • Extra bulbs and fuses included

Item# Item Name List Sale Price Qty Add
Grand Fir Christmas Tree5½ ft45 inLED Clear Lights 4003470
$ 269.99 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree6½ ft49 inLED Clear Lights 5403896
$ 284.77 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree6½ ft49 inLED Clear Lights 5503896
$ 349.99 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree7½ ft57 inLED Clear Lights 7205526
$ 369.77 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree9 ft65 inClear Lights 12007158
$ 489.77 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree9 ft65 inLED Clear Lights 10807158
$ 579.77 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree9 ft65 inLED Clear Lights 11007158
$ 659.99 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree10 ft69 inLED Clear Lights 12008756
$ 799.77 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree12 ft77 in Clear Lights 170012564
$ 969.99 Out of Stock
Grand Fir Christmas Tree12 ft77 inLED Clear Lights 153012564
$ 1,259.77
Grand Fir Christmas Tree12 ft77 in LED Clear Lights 160012564
$ 949.77 Out of Stock


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