Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes online purchases can be a bit tricky. Especially when it’s for a larger product like an artificial Christmas tree. That’s why we’ve developed this list of frequently asked questions. We want your experience with Tree Classics to be as smooth and easy as possible. As you’ll see, we’ve broken down our FAQ into four sections. Those sections are “Your Account, Returns & Exchanges,” “Placing and Order,” “Assembly & Storage,” and “Troubleshooting & Warranty.” Most of the questions customers ask us have to do with one of those four topics. So it made sense to group those questions together. We also have a sidebar that addresses product questions and concerns from past customers. We’ve tried our best to provide you with the questions you might have before you even need to ask.
We hope that the follow information will answer many of your questions. If you need more assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Your Account, Returns & Exchanges

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Why should I create an account?

We highly recommend creating an account, which will allow you to check your order status, view order history, and get a tracking number for your order. You also do have the option to check out as a guest, which may limit your insight into your order.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel an order, you must speak to our Customer Service team (877-699-6278) within 30 minutes of placing your order. Once an order has been processed at the warehouse, it can no longer be changed or canceled. In this event, your merchandise may be returned or exchanged per Tree Classics’ Return and Exchange Policy.

Unfortunately, Tree Classics cannot honor cancellation requests made via email or outside of business hours.

What do I do if I accidentally placed an additional order?

Please call Customer Service within 30 minutes of placing the order to cancel or modify an unprocessed order. If the order has already been processed, it cannot be changed or canceled. You will then need to return or exchange the duplicate item per Tree Classics’ Return and Exchange Policy.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click here to enter your email address that you used to register for an account and click Submit. Tree Classics will send you an email with instructions to update your password.

Does Tree Classics allow returns or exchanges?

Yes, our flexible Return & Exchange Policy allows you to return/exchange an item quickly and easily. You can read more about our policies here.

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Placing an Order

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Tree Classics accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Do you offer a price guarantee if a product drops in price after I purchase it?

Tree Classics™ 2019 Price Protection policy regarding price adjustments for customers is as follows:

For purchases made during our Holiday season (on or before December 20, 2019):

If the price of an item you purchased is reduced within 7 days of your original purchase date or by December 20, 2019, whichever is sooner, please contact us by email at service@treeclassics.com and we will be happy to credit you for the difference between the price you paid (net of any promotions or coupons) and the current price. Please include your order number and your name in your email. Credits will be posted within 10 business days to the credit card originally used on your order.

For purchases made on or after December 21, 2019:

If the price of an item you purchased is reduced within 7 days of your original purchase date, please contact us by email at service@treeclassics.com and we will be happy to credit you for the difference between the price you paid (net of any promotions or coupons) and the current price. Please include your order number and your name in your email. Credits will be posted within 10 business days to the credit card originally used on your order.

Do you charge sales tax?

We do not charge sales tax on orders shipped to the continental U.S., except for California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. In addition, sales tax does apply to all Canadian orders.

What if I have a question about my Amazon order?

If you ordered your Tree Classics product via the Amazon portal, please contact us in the following ways:

• Returns, Exchanges and Cancellations: Please make your request through the Amazon Portal, so that our Amazon Customer Success Team can most easily assist you and provide any return shipping labels if needed.

• Shipping Inquiries, Warranty Claims and Product Questions: Please Contact Us.

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Assembly & Storage

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How do I assemble my tree?

Your tree comes with assembly instructions for the particular model you purchased. You can also refer to our online instructions here to see general tips for setup and shaping.

What comes with my tree?

Your Tree Classics tree will arrive with a sturdy steel stand for immediate setup. Pre-lit trees will come with extra bulbs and fuses for your convenience.

Will my tree shed in the first year? What about future years?

Upon opening your tree for the first time, you may notice some fallen needles or branch tips. This is absolutely normal and occurs during the product compression, packing and shipping process. It should not affect the overall look of your tree. As you pack and unpack your tree in subsequent years, you should not notice significant shedding.

If you feel as though the shedding or tip loss on your tree may be unusually excessive, please contact Customer Service to discuss warranty options.

How do I disassemble my tree?

Put each section on the floor after turning it upside-down so the branches fall down towards the center pole. Compress the branches by pushing them up against the pole, then wrap the section with twine or string, which will make it easier for you to store it in a bag or the original shipping box.

What do I do if the tree sections won’t separate?

We suggest applying lithium-based grease or silicone spray lubricant at the point where the sections connect, being careful to avoid getting any on the foliage. Gently twist sections from left to right while pulling them apart. This will particularly help with tall, heavy trees, as the tree’s own weight can force the pole into a very snug fit.

Where should I store my tree?

Store the bag or box in a temperature-controlled location. An unfinished attic, basement or garage is not recommended. We suggest a dry, cool location.

For additional protection, Tree Classics also has many tree storage solutions, available for purchase here.

How should I care for my white tree?

With proper use and storage, it is rare for there to be any discoloration; however, it still can occur if the tree is stored incorrectly or put into direct sunlight. Please contact Customer Service in the event of any discoloration so that they can evaluate your case and assist you further.

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Troubleshooting & Warranty

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What are the terms of my warranty?

Tree Classics’ non-clearance trees are backed by a 2-year light & foliage warranty to ensure that we can help you in the unlikely event of an issue.

Click here to learn more about the Tree Classics Product Warranty.

I just took my tree out of the box and an entire section of my tree won’t light. What’s going on?

It is possible that the tree was assembled incorrectly. Please check your assembly instructions to make sure that the affected strands are plugged into the appropriate sections or foot switch. Don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service for more assistance.

How do I fix a droopy branch?

First, check to see if the hinge pin fell out of its socket at the base of the pole. Once inserted in place, you can bend a drooping branch by holding the branch close to the pole with one hand and gently bending the branch upwards with the other.

Where are the spare fuses located?

The spare fuses are located in the main male plug of the tree. Each plug slides open to reveal 2 fuses: one is in use, and the other is the spare. You also will receive spare fuses in the spare bulb package that comes with your tree.

I have a strand of LED lights not illuminating. What do I do?

If you have a new LED-lit tree with a malfunctioning strand, it is likely that a socket may be loose. You will need to inspect the connection of the light sockets on the affected strand to see that nothing is loose, replacing bulbs if needed. LEDs do not burn out and merely dim over time.

What happens after the light warranty has ended?

Once the light warranty has expired, you may choose to replace the strands yourself by removing the old ones. However, you are still welcome to contact Customer Service for troubleshooting advice and suggestions on the best approach for restringing your tree. Please note that a light warranty (expired or not) does not cover burned-out bulbs.

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Product Questions

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How is the height and width of each tree measured?

The stated height of each of our trees includes the tree stand, and is measured from the floor to the tallest tip of the fully assembled tree.

The provided width indicates the diameter of the tree at its widest point when it is fully shaped, measured horizontally from the end of one branch tip to the other. Please note that some trees are teardrop-shaped and the widest point may not be at the very bottom.

Do widths vary from tree to tree?

Yes, Tree Classics trees vary in width depending on the height and style of the tree. In addition, depending on how you shape and fluff the tree, the branches of each tree can be manipulated to affect the total width up to 2-3 inches to suit your space.

How far off of the ground is the bottom row of branches?

Depending on how the tree is shaped, the bottom row will be approximately 9"-14" from the floor.

What are the hinges on the branches made of?

The hinges on our trees are made of sturdy steel.

What does Tree Classics mean by “branch tip”? Should I look for the most branch tips in order to get the fullest tree?

The branch tip refers to the terminating tip of every branch. Depending on the style of tree, some branches have smaller forked (multiple) tips, which leads to a higher tip count. Trees without forked tips may have a lower tip count, but the tree would still look full since the branch tips would be larger. Our full trees, regardless of the branch tip style, are designed for the most aesthetically pleasing fullness, while leaving room for ornaments.

Which trees are good for hanging heavy ornaments?

All Tree Classics trees have branches reinforced with steel and are suitable for heavy ornaments. We recommend hanging the largest, heaviest decorations towards the back of the branch with wire to ensure the ornament is securely attached.

What is Real-Feel™?

Real-Feel needles are plump, lifelike needles made out of a combination of polyethylene and PVC rather than just PVC. PVC is the main component in the flat, papery needles that make up many traditional artificial Christmas trees. Polyethylene (PE) is a soft plastic that can be cast into different shapes. Incorporating PE allows us to utilize three-dimensional molds of real tree branches when creating the foliage for our Real-Feel™ trees. The end result is a realistic-looking tree with crush-resistant needles that will last for years when cared for properly.

Are your trees flame-retardant?

Yes. Tree Classics treats all its trees with top-grade flame retardants.

Are your trees hypo-allergenic?

Compared to live Christmas trees, our trees are hypo-allergenic. However, for those with allergies to certain plastics, we recommend consulting with your physician before buying a Tree Classics tree.

What are the pinecones on your trees made from?

The pinecones on our trees are heat-treated, sterilized, and 100% real.

How are lights attached to a pre-lit tree? Are they removable?

All lights are professionally hand-strung to minimize any appearance of wires. Removable wire clips are used to secure strands to branches.

What happens when a bulb burns out?

With incandescent (non-LED) lights, if a bulb burns out, the strand will remain lit. A bulb that is removed, loose, or broken (as opposed to burnt out) interrupts the circuit, which creates a faulty connection and puts the entire strand out. If a strand of lights goes out on your tree, simply find the faulty bulb in the strand, replace it, and the full strand should light again.

LED lights do not burn out but can dim over time. With LED strands, if a bulb is removed, it will put the strand out.

With either kind of light strand, we recommend all dim or burned-out bulbs be replaced immediately to preserve the integrity of the strand.

Our pre-lit trees come with a package of replacement bulbs and fuses for your convenience. If you need additional bulbs, you can purchase more here.

I live outside of the United States/Canada. Will a lit Tree Classics tree work here?

Our lights are made for use with 110v (volts), while most countries outside the U.S. use 220v, so you will need to purchase a voltage converter. Please note that we do not sell or provide converters. Additionally, use of a Tree Classics tree outside of the U.S. and Canada will immediately void any further warranty on the product.

I purchased an unlit tree. What kind of lights should I purchase?

We recommend standard miniature Christmas lights, which can be found in many home goods stores. We do not recommend using large or vintage-style lights as these could damage the foliage on your tree. If you have any concerns about your lights, please contact Customer Service.

Can trees be used outdoors?

There are two items to consider for outdoor use: UV protection and light type. If foliage is not UV-protected, it is not suitable for use outdoors. Similarly, the lights should be UL-compliant to be safe for outdoor use. All outdoor-safe products are clearly indicated as such on the product page. Improper use of an indoor tree outside will void the warranty, and could also lead to foliage damage, risk of electrocution, and quicker wear and tear to the product.

What is the diameter of the tree stand’s pole opening?

Each Tree Classics tree comes with a specifically designed stand suitable for its height and width. The opening for the pole will vary from 1” to 3”.

Does Tree Classics sell a rotating tree or tree stand?

Yes! Tree Classics’ Hallmark™ Christmas trees come with a rotating stand. You can view them here.

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Past Customers

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Is Tree Classics under new ownership?

Yes, as of Fall 2011, Tree Classics has been owned by Heavenly Holidays, LLC. We strive to preserve and sustain the legacy established by Tree Classics since 1976.

I purchased from Tree Classics before Fall 2011. What does that mean for me?

As Heavenly Holidays did not acquire any customer records from the previous owners of Tree Classics, we will not be able to access your information or order history pre-dating Fall of 2011. We nevertheless value you as a customer and look forward to joining you for future holiday celebrations.

Is my warranty still valid?

Regrettably, for those customers who have a refund or warranty claim with a TCI product purchased before January 20, 2011, Heavenly Holidays is unable to refund or service your tree. We will still attempt to help you troubleshoot to the best of our ability but cannot offer warranty service of any kind. Although we do not have parts to repair TCI trees, we have been able to source and make available replacement light bulbs for the "worry free" lights used in many trees from 2007-2010.

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