Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree


Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree™

Designed for Easy Setup & Storage

A convenient addition to your Christmas décor, our beautiful Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree features our exclusive Snap Tree technology for easy setup and Quick Set lighting system for an effortless holiday glow.Read more »
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Quick Set Lights Instantly with a Single Plug

Tree Classics' beautiful Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree™ is a convenient addition to your holiday décor. Our exclusive Snap Tree™ technology allows for easy setup, giving you more time to enjoy the holidays with the family. Simply snap the stand in, tilt it up, connect the treetop, and setup is complete. A built-in rolling stand lets you find the perfect spot for your tree with ease. After the holidays, conveniently store the tree on its stand with its upright custom storage bag.

This artificial Christmas tree features a downswept shape, with needles crafted from durable, high-quality PVC for fullness. Its sturdy branches can accommodate ornaments of most sizes, allowing you to create a holiday centerpiece that you can truly call your own. The Evergreen Supreme also features our convenient Quick Set™ lighting system, which incorporates all light strings within the tree trunk. Light connections are automatically made while setting up, so a single plug is all you need to illuminate your tree.

In addition to the usual Clear and Multi lighting options, the Evergreen Supreme offers our Color Changing LED Lights. This option provides 4 lighting choices, all into one tree: 1) clear LED lights, 2) multi colored LED lights, 3) alternating from clear to multi, and 4) off. The breakthrough is that the same LED light bulb changes from a clear light to a colored light (yellow, red, blue or green) so that all of the tree's lights stay shining and bright.

    All Models:

  • Exclusive Snap Tree™ technology for easy setup and storage
  • 5-Year Foliage and 2-Year Light Warranty. Learn more
  • Features high-quality PVC needles for fullness
  • Snap Tree™ rolling stand with locking casters
  • Comes with upright custom storage bag; tree stores on its stand
  • Narrow shape to fit easily anywhere in your home
  • Flame-proof material
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Quick Set™ technology connects all light strings within the tree trunk
  • Available with Clear or Color Changing LED lights
  • Includes on/off foot pedal for clear light models and power cord controller for LED models
  • Worry-Free™ UL®-approved lights
  • Professionally strung lights to hide wires
  • If a bulb burns out, the rest of the lights stay lit
  • Extra bulbs and fuses included

Item# Item Name List Sale Price Qty Add
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree6½ ft42 inClear Lights 6001638
$ 399.99
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree6½ ft42 inLED Color Changing 6001638
$ 449.99
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree7½ ft46 inLED Color Changing 7002054
$ 589.99
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree9 ft56 inClear Lights 11503742
$ 1,079.99
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree9 ft56 inMulti Lights 11503742
$ 1,049.99
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree9 ft56 inLED Color Changing 11503742
$ 999.99
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