• Customers Love TreeClassics
    Absolutely gorgeous!

    What a beautiful tree!!! Everyone who came to my home over the holidays thought it
    was real. There are a lot of lights and they are well placed. It is full, the needles felt
    real and the branches were sturdy enough to hold my heavy ornaments.
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

    —Rachael from Reno, NV about the Grand Fir Tree

  • Customers Love TreeClassics
    Wonderful buy for your money!

    We were delighted with the quality and realness of this tree. It fit perfectly in the
    corner of our living room as it is more narrow at the base than others. The branches
    are spaced perfectly for decorating. Overall, a wonderful buy for your money!

    —Jennifer from Elk Grove, CA about the Kennedy Fir Narrow Tree

  • Customers Love TreeClassics
    Great experience

    Great experience with the Tree Classics. Tree delivered sooner than expected. Set up was
    simple. This is our first artificial tree after 25+ years of live trees. No regrets!
    (And no more needles in the carpet!)

    —Mary from Montgomery Village, MD about the Classic Fraser Fir Tree

  • Customers Love TreeClassics
    Absolutely beautiful and very high quality

    This tree is absolutely beautiful and very high quality. The price was amazing and
    should be much more. This compares to front gate, but 1/3 the price. The shipping was
    fast as could be and arrives in 48 hours. I could not ask for a better transaction.
    Thank you.

    —Chris from Conroe, TX about the Austrian Spruce Tree

  • Customers Love TreeClassics
    Everyone thought it was real

    This tree is so big and beautiful, everyone that saw it thought it was real, even after they
    touched it, the only thing that is missing is the pine smell. We are very happy with our
    purchase and look forward to many Christmases with the beautiful tree!

    —Katya from Miami, FL about the Classic Noble Fir Tree

    Customers Say

    When you read the comments we receive from our customers, you may begin to understand why Tree Classics is rated by many as the finest artificial Christmas tree Web site on the Internet!

    • Dear people from Tree classics, I just wanted to inform you that our tree finally died. After more than 25 years of duty all the green is falling off. I bought this Tree Classics tree more than 25 years ago and every Christmas time it was a big fun between the tree and I. Thank you for such a lovely time over and over again. Happy Christmas and all goods for 2010. - MD
    • I just wanted to let you all know how pleased my husband and I are with our new tree! I looked all over where we live and none of the artificial Christmas trees I had seen were even close to what I wanted, so I decided to go with you guys. Sometimes you never know what to expect when you order something online, but it was even better than we expected! Thank you for making such beautiful, realistic looking trees! I will definitely tell everyone about your lovely trees. Thanks and Happy Holidays - CM
    • I just wanted to let you know that the replacement top arrived and we a thrilled with this beautiful tree. We had to down-size this year but still wanted a high quality product...the 5' Lake Shore Blue Spruce definitely fit the bill! The problems with rough handling in shipping were completely and quickly resolved and we would recommend your company to anyone...thank you for superb customer service and Happy Holidays! - JS
    • Thank you very much - our Christmas tree arrived in loads of time and is all lit up and delighting us all!! (and our neighbors) Thanks everyone and have a happy Christmas. - LR
    • Linda, thank you for the quick response.....the directions are very clear. Our compliments to Tree Classics for your wonderful customer service, both at the store and on the phone. - RJ
    • I am writing to tell you how magnificent this tree is that you sent me. I ordered online, but the photo doesn't do justice to this tree. Its amazing!- CS
    • We bought our FIRST Christmas Tree from you this year! WOW we have been together 20 years and married 19 and this was the most BEAUTIFUL TREE we have EVER had EVERYONE that came to our home during the holidays the first thing they all saw was our tree and EVERYONE talk about how Beautiful it was my daughter 23 & 25 said it looked like a Christmas Tree that belonged in a Mall! My husband decorated it in all Thomas Pacconi Ornaments from the Tree Top from small to medium to large Thomas Pacconi Ornaments I want to send a picture to you and would love for you to use it and our story freely! We were so pleased we will be adding more items from your company to our Holiday Collection and our daughters will both be buying a tree from you too! - RH
    • This is not a request; rather, a sincere thank-you to Alex, the customer rep who seemed to be available 24-7 for us. What an outstanding representative for your company! He answered the most mundane questions, including ones I could have found online easily. Suggestion: include a category to compliment great service. - SV
    • 24 Hour delivery? Wow. I can't take it out of box til docter says I can lift more than 10 pounds, but I've peeked, and it's perfect. It even feels real. I love the big hefty trunk that looks like bark. Those 'pe' needles should smell, they look so real. After 3 years, I could finally afford it, and this will make whatever Christmases I have left just perfect, you are all blessed, And I am very greatful to everyone who worked to satisfy my dream. I love you, Bonnie Bednar. - Bonnie
    • I just wanted to let you all know how pleased my husband and I are with our new tree! I looked all over where we live and none of the trees I had seen were even close to what I wanted, so I decided to go with you guys. Sometimes you never know what to expect when you order something online, but it was even better than we expected! Thank you for making such beautiful, realistic looking trees! I will definitely tell everyone about your lovely trees. Thanks and Happy Holidays, John and Courtney M.
    • Good Day, This is actually a letter to you to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase. This was the first time I purchased a tree online and I cannot believe how good the quality is. I also purchased the train set...the two together will make the the best Christmas ever and I have you to thank for it. I have recommended your company to everyone I know. Again, thank you for such great service and quality. - F.M.
    • Just wanted you to know how great we think your company is for responding to our problem with Section B of our Alberta Spruce. We didn't know anything about your company except for the ad I read in Parade magazine and when part of Section B didn't light and I had trouble getting in touch with you, we thought I had been taken by another Internet company scam. BUT, your customer service was great. We received the new Section B yesterday and put our tree together today. It is beautiful and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your customer service. Merry Christmas and thank you! H.
    • Thanks for taking care of our issue with this tree...we received the new top you sent, and it works fine. We never expected this type of wonderful customer service, but certainly appreciate it...we would recommend your website to anyone wanting to purchase an artificial Christmas tree! Regards, C.
    • I ordered a tree in October 2007. I opened the boxes just before Christmas and found the top piece of the tree was for a wider base tree. The bottom branches of the top piece were about 4 to 6" wider than the top of the third piece. I did some bending and twisting and got it to look OK. I thought that I would wait until the Christmas rush was over and give you a call which I did on February 6. The rep was most helpful. She understood the problem and said she would check to see if a proper top was available. A week later, I got a box with a new correct top. I can't thank you enough for the great customer service. Great job. Thanks again. W.
    • I would never return this gorgeous tree!!!! Thank you for providing such a wonderful tree for our new home. Our house burned down and we lost everything. This was our first Christmas in our new home and your tree was the best we have ever owned. I saw your ad in a women's magazine. I am so glad. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! C.
    • I just wanted to let you know that my tree was delivered this evening, as promised, and I just put it together and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. Thanks to you, my tree arrived in time for my Christmas party this weekend. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. Thanks again, J.
    • Thank you so very much. . . the tree is beautiful. We truly appreciate your excellent customer service, and the extra steps you took to make sure that our tree arrived in time for Christmas. When I called in to ask about our order being pushed back several days, I never expected you to not only assure us that our tree would get here, but to upgrade our purchase to insure quick delivery. Again, thanks so much. S.
    • I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks!" I ordered a 15' tall tree from you last year. It was truly breathtaking in my home. This year flawless again, just wonderful quality. I have attached and included a picture for you. Thanks again! B.
    • My tree arrived 5 days after the order was placed, is up, decorated and admired by everyone who sees it. Thank you all. I don't ever remember dealing another group of such pleasant people. I hope all of you will forgive my lack of prowess with the computer and make the corrections that I have still yet learned to do! My best wishes to you all for a very Merry Christmas. Thank you, J.
    • Just wanted to let you know your trees are awesome, much nicer than anywhere we've seen. Thanks again. B.
    • Our tree arrived yesterday as scheduled. My daughter was so excited we decided to set it up right away to check it out. I know you said your trees were the finest product available, that is something to be proud of indeed. I honestly am overwhelmed with the quality and beauty of this tree. I am one completely happy and satisfied customer. Plus it was so easy to set up. I cannot imagine a more beautiful artificial tree. It is so full and lifelike…even better than the real thing. Your claim of being the finest is true. I am certain that our new tree will be the most beautiful centerpiece of my family's holiday celebrations for years to come. Sincerely, G.
    • This is to thank you for the pleasure of doing business with you. I had to change my order. You did it with no fuss. My account needed to be credited. That was no problem for you. My order arrived when you said it would. In the day of having to talk to recorded messages, it was good to talk to a live human being. Besides all that, my tree is beautiful. I would highly recommend your company. Thanks, J.
    • Thanks, I will continue to order from you this holiday season. You are honest, good people to work with. C.
    • I just received my tree yesterday and I had to assemble it right away (in July). I have to say it's beautiful and was worth every dollar. If I am in need of another tree I will purchase from Tree Classics. Thank you!!!! H.
    • Thanks. I will be sure to mention the outstanding customer service at Tree Classics whenever visitors comment on our great looking tree. Sincerely, D.
    • I purchased a tree from you several years ago while living in Arizona. We have loved it so much we wanted to get another one for our home in Virginia. Thank you so much for a quality product. M.
    • Hello, I just wanted to let you know we received the 2nd box today. And I wanted to thank you for your efforts in helping me with this matter and for checking on the discount. I appreciate your excellent customer service it really made a difference! I can't wait till Christmas to enjoy our new tree. Sincerely, S.
    • Thank you, and I LOVE the new tree! I can't wait to put it up and decorate it (not to mention, it will take half the time my old tree did to put up and decorate!) Hope you have a merry and blessed Christmas! Sincerely, T.
    • I bought my second tree from you in your after-Christmas sale. It arrived at a very busy time. I didn't have time to check it as you advise, but I was certain it would be perfect. Just finished the 10 minute job setting it up, and it is (of course) perfect. Thanks again. L.E.
    • I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our Swiss Alpine tree. We bought it months ago and had to wait to put it up until the Christmas season was upon us. It is so stunning. The number of lights vs. tips is so high that it illuminates the whole room. I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful product. V.F.
    • Happy Holidays! We ordered 2 of your 12' Scotch Pine trees with clear lights for our church. They are absolutely breathtaking! They stand on either side of our altar in the front of the church and after we got them up (which was very easy) they looked so beautiful we decided not to add any decorations to them. They are just wonderful. God bless your Christmas! S.L.
    • I wanted to let you know we got our Alberta Spruce in record time: ordered Sunday and received Wednesday. The only reason I logged on today, taking a tree decorating break, is to send your website to a friend who saw the tree yesterday (she wants one, too!) The tree is positively, absolutely magnificent. The branch detail makes the tree so incredibly like a live tree, even to the "bark" with which the branches are wrapped. Even though it is a cliché, which I never use, the tree is awesome, as was the entire purchase. I don't know enough superlatives to use in describing your customer service and product, so I will simply say, Thank you. You may use me as a reference any time. Happy Holidays. L.S.
    • I saw your advertisement in The WSJ several times, so I logged onto your website and purchased a tree. It arrived the next day. We put it up over the weekend, and it is a most stunning pre-lit tree that you will ever see. We decided not to decorate it, because it is beautiful by itself. Thanks for the quality product and delivery. G.R.
    • Thank you all so very much for all of your kind assistance when I called and asked questions about your trees in general. This was our first purchase of an artificial tree and each person I talked with was very informative and helpful throughout the process. We eventually selected the Noble Fir since we had always purchased live Nobles when we lived on the West Coast. It arrived in 5 days and was out of the box and up in our Living Room in a matter of minutes! We had a lot of fun "fluffing" all of those 3,000+ tips, and by the time we finished, it was so full and Noble-like, we couldn't believe it. We were truly not prepared that it would look this authentic. Truly. And Nobles wouldn't be an easy tree to design, it seems to me, but you accomplished just that!! And now that it's completely decorated, it's even harder to distinguish from a genuine, live Noble. So, here here, Tree Classics!! Well done! And, we thank you for our gorgeous Christmas tree!! We just love it and couldn't be more pleased. We just keep asking ourselves one question: what took us so long?? We wish you and yours a safe and happy Holiday Season! And thanks again. Kindest regards, L.&D.B.
    • We just wanted to tell you that we ordered the Evergreen Supreme 7½' classic tree, and it is wonderful! We've been married 15 years and have always bought a live tree! My husband keeps wanting to water it! If you guys could get the trees to give off a pine smell, it really would be perfect. Thanks so much. K.M.
    • I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my 9' Barrington Fraser Fir with multi-lights. It is just beautiful, and I can't believe how quickly I received it. I never wanted an artificial tree, but this is just too good to believe! Thanks so much!!! R.G.
    • I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my recent purchase from Tree Classics. The tree arrived in 3 days from placing the order. I purchased a tree from your discount warehouse and then had an additional pre-holiday discount applied. Not only did this make this exceptional tree affordable, but I see it as a true treasure and one we will enjoy for years to come. I wanted to thank you for promoting a terrific product in a humble way. Because of that, I was even more impressed than I had anticipated. I swore I would never buy an artificial tree due to the "fake look", but this tree is so beautiful and real looking. Thanks again. A.E.
    • I just want to write and thank you for your expert service and fast delivery. I wish I could remember the lady who assisted me. She was so helpful and courteous. I am writing this from Kuwait, and my Army unit will be spending the holidays here. The tree I purchased will help raise morale during the holiday season. My unit is from Colorado, and the Blue Spruce will remind us of home. Thank you again for all of your service to us. Very Respectfully, M.V.
    • The tree is just like the picture. It is a very full tree, and we like it very much. I would also like to say how nice the lady was on the phone that Sunday I ordered. It only took three days to get to my door! Thank you, N.R.
    • I just wanted you folks to know how much we appreciate what you did for us with the Christmas tree mix-up. I don't know if you remember, but the tree I ordered got as far as Chicago and stayed there. About a week after I ordered, I called wondering where my tree was. After you found out what had happened, you ended up sending me another tree, a more expensive one, because you didn't have any more of the type I had ordered. You also sent it express delivery so I got it the next day (or in 2 days, I don't remember). WOW! Thank you so much! We love the tree. We put it up right away, and it was just the ticket for the great room in our new home. It's beautiful. Thank you so very much for really going out of your way (and out of your pocketbook) to make sure our Christmas decorating wasn't ruined. It really speaks well of your company. I've referred you to several people. Thanks tons, again. Sincerely, L.F.
    • Thank you again – it's not every day that you receive such a wonderful response from a company that has already collected your money. I really thought this would be a problem trying to track my order, etc. Please pass on my compliments. You guys at Tree Classics are the best! V.W.
    • I just wanted you to know that we received our 12' Swiss Alpine tree yesterday, assembled it this morning, and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! In today's world so many merchants are dishonest and sell poor quality items that it's hard knowing who to do business with. You're the exception to the rule. The tree is top quality, everything worked the first time, and it was easy to assemble. The tree is striking, and you have to get up real close to tell that it's not real. Even our teenage kids who wanted a real tree again this Christmas were excited when they saw it this morning. We're even more excited because we know the post-Christmas clean-up will be a lot easier this Christmas. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season. D.&.R.D.
    • We couldn't be anymore happy with our Barrington Deluxe Fraser Fir. We ordered our tree Monday evening, and it was at our door Wednesday afternoon. It's even more beautiful than the picture and seems to be of very high quality. Thank you so for the ease of purchase, the very quick delivery, and most of all our very beautiful tree, and the carefree way of the entire purchase experience. Happy Holidays. M.P.
    • Hi to all at Tree Classics. Thank you for your prompt service. It was fantastic--from you guys to our little village in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom in four days, really brilliant. Have a happy Thanksgiving, a very happy Christmas, and a fantastic New Year. D.J.&C.S.
    • WOW! I can't believe how quickly I received my tree and how easy it was to assemble. I wish I had ordered from you years ago! Thank you for the FABULOUS tree and great service!! S.A.
    • Fine with us if you want to use our "customer comment". Glad to let others know what a fine product you sell. Regards, W.&J.F.
    • Thanks for your response. The tree arrived when you said it would. Very amazing as 2nd day air here to North Dakota is usually actually 3 days to us as we live in a boondocks region. You are all you claim to be. Nice tree at a great price and delivered on time. I'll be sure to recommend your site to anybody that is looking for a good tree at a great price. Thanks again! S.A.
    • I ordered a tree from you without knowing anything about artificial trees or your company. I kept my fingers crossed knowing that there would be a big expense shipping back if I was disappointed. As I unpacked, my face fell. So many branches to be individually placed on the tree. I had made a big mistake! I want to say that the tree is beautiful! Better than I ever anticipated and the time spent putting it up was far less that the time I have spent shopping for a real tree. You delivered as promised - before Thanksgiving - and I now know that the letters you printed speak the truth. Thank you! C.P. P.S. Instructions were impeccable!
    • We ordered a 9' Arctic Spruce from your company on Sunday, and as promised it arrived before Thanksgiving. We just finished putting it up and decorating it, and I have to e-mail you and tell you how very pleased we are with the tree. It is absolutely beautiful. We are so happy that we found your ad in USA Weekend. Last weekend we went everywhere to find a 9' tree that wasn't pre-lit, and couldn't find one anywhere, then we came home and found your ad. It's excellent in every aspect. Thank you very much, and we will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family. B.T.
    • Just wanted you to know - this is the best tree!! I was so worried about ordering from an ad, but you delivered everything you said it would be and more!! Thanks. R.D.
    • Thank You! Nice to see folks do what they say they will do, don't see that much any more. I was shocked, surprised and delighted when I got home today, the tree was on the doorstep. My apologies for getting after you guys, you did a great job! C.W.
    • I just wanted to tell you thank you for all of your follow-up after the glitch with my original order. Who knows what happened? It was probably just "one of the those things." At any rate, our tree arrived in excellent condition and on time just as your website said. We already have it unpacked, put together, and decorated. It looks great! No hassling with getting a freshly cut tree in a stand, no watering, no tangled lights, no messy needles, and no contributing to environmental waste. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! S.I.
    • I have to take a moment to say - You Did It!! I did not believe that the tree would be this beautiful. I did not believe that you could get it to me so quickly! I did not believe that it would arrive without a problem! I simply did not believe it! The tree arrived on 12/10/04 at 7:00 p.m., there were two delivery people to get it inside, the tree is absolutely beautiful - and I haven't even gotten the ornaments on yet - and now I am a believer! I will give your email address to everyone I know who vacillated like I did on whether or not to get a real tree or an artificial tree. Your service has simply been great! Thanks so much. J.M.
    • I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that my 72" Tiffany Decorated Wreath with Clear Lights order arrived in good condition yesterday. I unpacked and assembled the wreath last night, and I was blown away by its size ... its decorations ... the lights ... the ribbon... THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL WREATH!!! My wife loves it as well. I didn't expect to get so much bang for my buck. I look forward to hanging this wreath every year from now on. Thanks for a beautiful product and for having it arrive on time. My only regret is you're out of the garland that goes with this wreath, but I will shop with you again next year a bit earlier. Thanks again. J.G.
    • As my old friend Gomer Pyle used to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" and I mean it. I was making room in the garage, or as the military say "the staging area", and the UPS driver drove up. My dogs went crazy, they love Brown, and I was ready thanks to your responsive methods of notification. Again, you are the BEST. I'll be back probably next year, J.& J.S. P.S. The tree is perfect.
    • Thank you for your delivery! The tree arrived just as I did from work, and I only ordered it the day before. My husband and I are delighted with this tree. This is our 40th Christmas, and 39 have endured shedding, twisted lights, cats and dogs drinking the water out of the stand, etc. This is so pretty and clean and WAS VERY SIMPLE to get up. Thank you. P.B.
    • Just a quick note to say how beautiful your trees are! I purchased two trees this summer and took them out to decorate last week and I was surprised of the nice quality each tree offered. I do plan on purchasing another one after the holidays! Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays! A Very Merry Satisfied Customer!!! B. L.-J.
    • My tree arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The instructions were nice and easy, and the tree set up was quite simple. I just love how it looks! What a fantastic bargain! Thanks so much for such a good quality product! J.J.
    • We ordered a 9' Diamond Laurel Fir on Sunday, November 21. We received it on Wednesday, the 24th. We set it up this past Sunday. Hey y'all, wow, fantastic, absolutely great!!! It's perfect for our "Florida room." The lights are great, the tree is great, the supersonic service was great!! Hope all of you up north have a safe & happy holiday. S.&T.T.
    • Just a note to advise that our Tree Classics order arrived swiftly and safely. The beautiful Colorado Spruce now twinkles merrily as the centerpiece of the Christmas decorations in our home. We could not be more pleased, and each year to come we will look back with gratitude to all of you at Tree Classics for your fine product and expert service. Happy Holidays to all and thanks again. R.S.
    • I received my Barrington Deluxe Fraser Fir, and I am more than pleased. It's hard to believe that it's not real. Dealing with your firm has been a pleasure as well, the tree arrived on the day that it was promised, and it arrived in perfect condition. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who needs an artificial tree. C.M.
    • Just wanted to tell you that our Barrington Deluxe Fraser Fir is the most beautiful tree we have ever seen. Even your picture doesn't do it justice. The 1200 multi-color lights make the whole room take on a warm glow. We've bought artificial trees twice in the past and took them down as soon as we put them up. We're so glad we found you on the net - now no more dried up trees and needles to dispose of. This tree will be part of our family for many years to come. R. & M. S.
    • I received my 9½' Fraser Fir tree and decorated it this weekend. It is so beautiful. I am very happy with it. I told some friends, and two of them placed orders for trees from you this week. Thanks for the prompt service; the trees are great! J.N.
    • Thank you for your timely response! The tree really is quite lovely and your customer service outstanding. Enjoy the holidays! B.H.
    • We're doing our annual "tree shop" dance. Not sure if Pops will decide to move on this or not - no one will ever accuse him of making a snap judgment. Aside from that, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness (especially the king-size pictures) of your website. The pictures are clear and easy enough to see - unlike many sites I have visited this year. This is the best-designed site I've come across, a true rest for tired eyes! Thank you. B.P.
    • You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the prompt refund. I have told everyone I know about your website and fine quality trees and decorations. Even though mom wanted a different tree than the one we returned, (she needed a heavier flock), I was still appreciative of your courteous handling of the situation. I will keep your website on my favorites and return whenever possible. Wishing you and your company the Merriest of Christmas seasons and a prosperous New Year! All the best, M.B.
    • I ordered my tree Dec 3rd and had it on Dec 6th, 3 days ahead of the promised date! That's what I call service. The tree is beautiful and has drawn countless comments from our friends and family. Thanks for great service and a great product. Merry Christmas! B.G.
    • The light tester arrived very quickly and immediately solved the problem. Thank you for being so customer-oriented. We will happily recommend you to anyone who asks. Merry Christmas! S.R.
    • Just wanted to let you know we put up our Burberry Fir tree. It is so full and busy. It has an unbelievable amount of lights. Except for the smell of a tree it looks so real! We are very impressed with our decision to buy from you. P.R.
    • We received our 7 ½ Sierra Fir in great shape. We got the family over for a Christmas Tree decorating party. What a great time we had. The tree is beautiful! We are so happy with it. Every one who saw it thought it was a real one. I'll tell you this: it sure is nice to have all the lights on the tree. It saved so much time, and I couldn't have made it look as good as you did anyway. Even with the tree standing there and just turning on the lights without anything else on it, it looks BEAUTIFUL. With it decorated it looked FANTASTIC! Thanks again for a great tree. G & S L.
    • You don't have to email me back, but I just wanted to tell you that we have an old "Tree Classics" tree that we just love. It's probably about 15-17 years old and is now just starting to shed its needles so we'll probably be looking for a new one sometime soon. They are great trees and we've had a lot of compliments on them!
    • Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! I have to tell you, it was such a pleasure shopping for my new tree on your website. I have a bad back and was not looking forward to having to go from store to store until I found a tree so this was great! I will tell all my friends about Tree Classics. I happened to be looking through a People magazine when I spotted your ad, and was shopping on your website the same day. It was a really nice experience. Again, thank you. C.S.
    • I just wanted to let you folks know how much we enjoyed our tree this year. I am very appreciate of the way you steered me through some initial confusion, but all of the billing adjustments came through on my credit card statement and the tree arrived in plenty of time for me to sub-contract the setup and decoration to my all-knowing teenagers. We had some great comments from our holiday guests. More than a few folks went home with your web site address. Thanks again and have a relaxing New Year! R.Y.
    • Thank you, very much. I must say that I have not even received my tree yet, but can already tell friends and family with confidence what a first-class, top-notch kind of company I've been conducting business with.
    • I first saw your advertisement in Oprah magazine. I checked out your website and it was so easy to see the selection of beautiful lighted trees. I have been shopping for quite awhile for a 4'-5' tree. Everything I saw in the stores [was] so poorly made and sparse with foliage. The pictures of the trees on your website looked so lush. I was pleasantly surprised when my tree arrived right on schedule. I easily set it up and fluffed up the branches. I have to say I have never seen such a gorgeous and full tree. I am one happy customer. Thank you, A.
    • We LOVE our Colorado Blue-Green Spruce tree. It is so perfect in every way. Due to our circumstances, getting a 4 ½ ft tree was ideal for us. We no longer are able to handle anything larger. We have had so many compliments regarding this tree. We look forward to using it in the coming years! What a find hearing about you great folks. Thanks again and a Happy New Year to one and all. H.L.G, Los Angeles, CA
    • Hi Folks…WOW…just WOW!!! Just set up our brand-new 9' Northern Slim Spruce and find it to be everything I thought it would be.
    • I just wanted to say "Thank you"! My family in Japan already has gotten the tree that I ordered last week. It was so fast! I really, really, really appreciated the job you did. C.
    • I received my Majestic Balsam Fir fast! I love it. We put it up right away and its simply beautiful! I have had K-Mart trees in the past. My father always said you get what you pay for and he was right. This tree is no comparison to any I've seen. It is so realistic looking. I promise not to water it! Thanks for your wonderful customer service. Happy Holidays, J.D.
    • My Park Avenue Spruce arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. It is absolutely beautiful! It broke my heart to take it back down, because it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! My husband was so pleased he said I should leave it up. Thank you so much for a beautiful, quality product. Happy Holidays to you all. D & L M.
    • Hello, I recently ordered a 9' Snowy Aspen Spruce. I just wanted to tell you that I love the tree and am very happy with the service and purchases from your company. I have purchased 3 trees from Tree Classics and I use one in my house, one in my second home in Tahoe, and one in my office. I plan on purchasing another (smaller) Snowy Aspen Spruce for next year for my office as we are adding a second location. Thank you for your product and as a small/medium business owner I wish for many more years in business for the both of us. Sincerely, P.C. – Cass Ventures, Inc.
    • Thank you for the prompt service and beautiful Christmas tree. It was our family's first artificial tree and they were skeptical at first. The tree is great, no lights to hang and clean up was easy. I have received so many compliments about it. Thanks again. Sincerely, M.
    • Thank you so much for the wonderfully beautiful Christmas tree. It is everything that we wanted in an artificial tree. My husband has been trying to get me to switch from a real one to an artificial. I have been reluctant because so many look so unrealistic and artificial. This one is so uniform and real looking. I just assembled it all by myself and it went together so easily. I'm 5'2" and with a small 2 step utility ladder I was able to put the whole thing together in about an hour. You made this Christmas season easy and the clean up will be extra easy. I love the holiday season and this tree can stay up through New Year's without drying out. Merry Christmas to you all! K.
    • Just a short note to let you know that the replacement section of the tree arrived. Thank you for your prompt assistance. Tree Classics did a great job of standing behind their products and standing behind the warranty. I will suggest your company to anyone interested in Christmas trees or decorating supplies. Looking forward to doing future business with Tree Classics. Thank You, M.
    • Our Holiday was much more enjoyable, because of your immediate correction of a problem that was beyond your control, but rectified without any problem, a new tree shipped the next day. It is an absolute pleasure to do business with a company that has the integrity level you fine folks do. Once again Happy New Year to you and your outstanding company. A more than satisfied Customer, J.
    • I just wanted to send you and your staff a thank you. I purchased a 12' live tree this year and it died in one week. I have never owned an artificial tree before. I took a chance and purchased your 11' Noble Fir with Clear Lights, I can't believe how realistic it looks. It looks better than the live tree we already had decorated. Thank you for the 2-day delivery. I have never seen such a beautiful tree before. Happy Holidays to you and your staff. Sincerely, D.
    • Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! I have to tell you, it was such a pleasure shopping for my new tree on your website. I have a bad back and was not looking forward to having to go from store to store until I found a tree so this was great! I will tell all my friends about Tree Classics. I happened to be looking through a People magazine when I spotted your ad, and was shopping on your website the same day. It was a really nice experience. Again, thank you.
    • I just wanted to let you know that I received my White Barrington Christmas Tree and it was perfect from top to bottom. Assembly couldn't have been any easier and I have never seen a more beautiful tree. Congratulations you guys! I cried. From the ordering process to order confirmation tracking and arrival day you were right on the money. I will be ordering another tree or two next year and I'd like to say to anybody in the thinking it over process.... STOP THINKING!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY AND WISELY in 2006. The E. Family
    • I ordered your Evergreen Supreme tree 7-1/2ft. this fall. I assembled and decorated it. I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with it, it's beautiful. It's the prettiest artificial tree I've ever had. L.
    • Good Afternoon, About 17 years ago my husband and I purchased our first Tree Classic Christmas Tree at Namco. Over the years I have received many compliments on the tree, for its shape and authenticity and have been very satisfied to the quality and longevity of the tree. We just love the look of the tree, and its easy assembly. We would like to purchase another one just like it or very similar. We just love this tree and do not want to part with it until we find a very close or exact replica. Thank You Mike & Debbie G.