Clifton Pine
Clifton Pine Christmas Tree


Clifton Pine Christmas Tree

with Real-Feel ™ Technology

Specially designed to showcase your collection of Christmas ornaments, the Clifton Pine is a compact artificial Christmas tree that's constructed out of high-quality PE and PVC material. The white-edged needles and light brown…Read more »
The Clifton Pine offers:
Highly realistic Real-Feel™ needles
Attractive Narrow Profile
Hinged branches for easy setup
Strong, durable construction
Worry-Free™ UL® lights to last for years
Sturdy metal stand included
Choose Your Perfect Clifton Pine (tree height includes stand):
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Specially designed to showcase your collection of Christmas ornaments, the Clifton Pine is a compact artificial Christmas tree that's constructed out of high-quality PE and PVC material. The white-edged needles and light brown premium PE branches mimic the look of a freshly snow-dusted tree, giving your home the classic look of a winter wonderland.

Meanwhile, the layered design of this family-friendly tree lets the ornaments become the focus of attention. There is ample space between the branch layers for you to hang decorations of any size, and you can rest assured the sturdy branches will carry all your treasured holiday ornaments without bending or breaking. Our exclusive Real Feel® needles made from 95% PE exhibit qualities similar to true evergreen foliage, from the color to the texture.

Available in both pre-lit and unlit models, the Clifton Pine is the perfect tree for displaying your ornaments. Get the Clifton Pine and have a ball decorating the tree with the whole family.

    All Models:

  • 2-Year Light & Foliage Warranty. Learn more
  • Extremely high PE - features 93% realistic-looking Real-Feel™ PE needles
  • Tree layers make it perfect for showcasing ornaments
  • Lightly snow-dusted tree branches
  • Hinged branches for easy setup
  • Flame-proof material
  • Sturdy metal stand included
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Worry-Free™ UL® - approved lights
  • Professionally strung lights to hide wires
  • If a bulb burns out, the rest of the bulbs stay lit!!!

Item# Item Name List Sale Price Qty Add
Clifton Pine6 ft38 inUnlit 1097
$ 159.99
Clifton Pine6 ft38 inClear Lights 2501097
$ 189.99


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