Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree
Classic Cashmere Pencil Christmas Tree


Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree

A cheerful twist on the classic pencil tree

Enjoy the cheery atmosphere of the great outdoors in a soft pencil tree with cashmere tips. Children and adults alike will look forward to adorning this tree with all of their favorite ornaments.Read more »
The Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree offers:
Attractive Narrow Profile
Strong, durable construction
Worry-Free™ UL® lights to last for years
Sturdy metal stand included
Choose Your Perfect Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree (tree height includes stand):
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The soft tips on our Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree lend a whimsical feel to the traditional symbol of Christmas. Narrower than our Classic Cashmere Christmas Tree, this artificial tree provides the same light and fun atmosphere with a smaller footprint that takes up less space in your apartment or living room.

This pencil tree is available as a 7' and 9' tree, both offering a remarkable number of cashmere tips. Featuring a convenient foot-step on/off switch, the Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree allows you to effortlessly make the tree come alive with its clear lights.

Enjoy the cheery atmosphere of the great outdoors in a soft pencil tree with cashmere tips. Children and adults alike will look forward to adorning this tree with all of their favorite ornaments, year after year.

    All Models:

  • 30-Day Clearance Products Warranty. Learn more
  • Slender profile is composed of Pine Needles with cashmere tips
  • Sturdy metal stand included
  • Flame-proof material
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Includes convenient on/off foot switch
  • Worry-Free™ UL®-approved indoor lights
  • Professionally strung lights to hide wires
  • If a bulb burns out, the rest of the lights stay lit
  • Extra bulbs and fuses included

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Classic Cashmere Pencil Tree9 ft23 inClear Lights 500805
$ 229.77
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