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Fill your holiday gatherings with the joyous colors of the season from our Color Changing LED Christmas trees. Featuring our LED Color Changing technology, this lighting solution provides 4 choices to meet individual styles and moods: clear LED lights, multi colored LED lights, alternating from clear to multi, and off. The breakthrough is that at the touch of a button, the same LED light bulb changes from a warm white light to a colored light (yellow, red, blue or green) so that all of the tree's bulbs stay shining and bright.

Because our color changing LED Christmas lights switch from a soft radiance to festive jewel tones that dance along needles and branches, these pre-lit LED Christmas trees lend a dazzling holiday landscape both indoors and outdoors. Our trees use Worry-Free™ UL-approved bulbs so customers can rest assured that the color changing LEDs are especially durable and naturally resistant to wear-and-tear and moisture.

Most of all, our lighted Christmas trees feature incredibly realistic-looking needles that mimic the color and texture of true evergreen foliage. The tree varieties look and feel so lifelike you can almost smell the pine fragrance specific to the Christmas season. This is mainly due to our Real Feel™ Christmas needles. The Tree Classics Real Feel™ needles are made out of Polyethylene (PE.) Our Polyethylene technology makes some of the most real-looking artificial pine needles ever. They feel so lifelike too. Thanks to PE technology you can fully enjoy a tree that looks and feels as if it came from the outdoors without having to worry about the tree shedding needles or running out of water. Many of our high-quality, realistic Christmas trees come with Real Feel™ PE needles. They are also available in a large assortment of sizes and shapes.

Our artificial trees range in size. Their heights vary anywhere between 4 feet tall to over 10 feet tall. Some of our most popular trees are around 8 to 9 feet tall. They come in a variety of widths as well. You can choose from the Oregonian Slim, the Majestic Balsam Fir, the Majestic Blue Spruce, and many more. Each tree will vary in width and height so you can find the tree that fills your space perfectly. No matter what space you have for your tree, we have something that will fit it beautifully. Just look around our site. We’ve even made it easy by giving you search options to quickly narrow down your search to the trees that’ll be best for you. You can also narrow your search down further by filtering for easy setup trees only.

Not only can our trees perfectly fit your space, they’re also easy to store and set up. Our Snap Tree™ technology makes setting up your tree simple. Assembling a pre-lit tree is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you snap the stand in. Second, you tilt it up. Third, you connect the tree top. That’s all you have to do to set up your beautiful LED-lit tree. Breaking the tree down to store it is just as easy.

From the different shapes, sizes, and needle type, our Color Changing LED trees are a sight to behold for many seasons to come.

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I love the wreath. When my husband hung the wreath in the door it looked just beautiful! I could not wait to show it to our friends!
—Leimbriz Sundar from East Stroudsburg, PA
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