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We know you want your Christmas to be special, but everyone’s needs and budgets are different. That’s why we have three different types of artificial Christmas trees for you to choose from. These three types of artificial Christmas trees use different kinds of needles, which affect the price of the tree, but still look great. We’ve made sure to utilize all three needle types to make the trees look as realistic as possible. You should have a beautiful, authentic holiday season no matter your budget.

The first tree needle option we offer at Tree Classics is the Real Feel™ needle type. These needles are made from a polyethylene (PE) technology. These needles make-up some of our most realistic, natural-looking Christmas tree branches ever. It might even take a while for your family to realize that your tree is artificial. The branches even feel real. They come in a variety of sizes and heights as well. Our full shaped trees with Real Feel™ needles look breathtakingly. These branches are perfect for decorating with quality holiday ornaments.

The second tree needle option available is our PVC needles. With polyvinyl chloride (PVC,) we can make needles of varying lengths and widths. This lets us layer different pine needles together. If you look at natural pine trees, their pine needles are not completely uniform. Using varied pine needles help us create a more natural looking tree. Whether you’re looking for a short, 4 ft tall tree or a taller, space-filling Christmas tree, we have different options for you. Our PVC trees come in many different sizes and shapes to fit your style and decorating preferences.

Third, we have an assortment of other types of tree needles which fall into our pine needle category. These trees come in a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. Each one looks different and fits a different Christmas theme. No matter what your style preference is there’s a tree that fits your holiday decor needs. Be sure to spend some time looking through our pine needle trees. We’re sure there’s something that will work perfectly for you and your room’s needs this holiday season.

Remember, all of these artificial trees have LED pre-lit versions available too. Whether you're looking for clear lights or multicolored lights, our pre-lit tree branches will look beautiful in your space. We’re sure you’ll love either light option. The branches are professionally strung to maximize brightness and minimize the appearance of wires. They’re strung from the base of the trunk to the tips of the branches to magnify the effect of the lights.

No matter what tree you choose, we’re sure it will bring the Christmas spirit into your home and look gorgeous while doing it.

Customers Love Tree Classics
Gorgeous Tree!
The tree is simply gorgeous
and everyone who came to our house
over the holidays drooled over it.
Several people even mistook it for a real tree.
It was worth EVERY PENNY!
�Marci Lord from Marianna, FL
about the Classic Fraser Fir »
As Seen On
Closely resembles the bushy beauty of a
true pine. Right down to the miniature
pine cones that appear randomly throughout.
�Bob Vila about the Virginia Pine »