> Ask Santa: Get to Know the Man Behind the Beard

Ask Santa: Get to Know the Man behind the Beard

Santa Claus is a great inspiration for children to be good all year. Popular as his legend may be, jolly old St. Nick is still a mystery to both children and adults. That's why we at Tree Classics asked Santa to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions sent in from around the country.

In a series of sit-down video interviews featuring the Tree Classics' Hallmark Grand Fraser Fir, Santa tells all, answering all kinds of questions from what he got for Mrs. Claus this year to why his suit is red.

Boxers or briefs?
A question all little boys and grown men are meaning to ask, Santa answers the quintessential undergarment question.
Even if it doesn't snow for Christmas, will you still be able to fly on your sleigh?
Can Santa only fly his sleigh during winter? Santa tells us what makes his sleigh and reindeer fly.
Why can't everyday be like Christmas?
Christmas is a special day and many people wish it happens every day. In the video, Santa provides a good reason why Christmas only happens once a year.
Why is your suit red?
Santa shares a funny story about his suit in the video below. Watch as he explains why he chose the color red.
What is your ideal cookie to milk ratio?
Warm milk and cookies are one of Santa's favorite snacks, but how much is just right? Santa talks about his ideal cookie to milk ratio and what types of cookies he likes the most.
What is your favorite cookie?
See what Santa’s favorite cookie is and why. Will Mrs. Claus give out the recipe for it?
What do your reindeer eat?
Are warm milk and cookies also the favorite of Santa’s reindeer? Santa gives us insight on each reindeer’s favorite snacks and how they choose their favorite food.
Santa, what do you say to those who don't believe in Santa?
How does Santa feel about non-believers? Watch the video to find out.
How much sleep do you need leading up to the big night?
Does Santa need sleep, too, and does he get enough of it, knowing that he needs to deliver presents come Christmas Eve? Santa tells you how he gets some shuteye before the big night.
How long have you been growing your beard?
Santa tells us the secret to his fluffy white beard and how long he has been growing it. He also shares some tips on beard care and grooming.
How do you get in homes if there isn't a chimney or fireplace?
The image of Santa entering a home through its chimney is a familiar sight, but how does he enter homes without chimneys? Discover Santa’s secret by watching the video.
Do you text?
With the advances in communication technology, one wonders if Santa’s able to keep up. Find out how he does so in his own way.

Getting to know the man behind the beard provides some insight into the spirit of the holidays. It's always good to have a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas: sharing what we have and spreading love to everyone around us.

We hope you've enjoyed hearing from Santa this year. As you wait for him to come down your chimney this Christmas, keep in mind his answers to the questions above. Who knows? He might have a special gift for those who remember.