Artificial Christmas Trees

Deluxe Noble Fir Christmas Tree Frasier Fir  Christmas Tree Colorado Blue Spruce Snap Tree
Clifton Pine Christmas Tree Oregonian Slim Artificial Christmas Tree Grand Fir Christmas Tree
Empire Pencil  Christmas Tree Alberta Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Lake Forest Fir Snap Tree
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree Ontario Spruce Christmas Tree Alpine White Christmas Tree
Alaskan Spruce Snap Tree 7 ft Deluxe Noble Fir Snap LED Christmas Tree St. Charles Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
Alpine Estates Flocked Fir Christmas Tree Royal Versailles Giant Christmas Tree Flocked White Fir Deluxe Christmas Tree
Park City Pine Snap Pre Lit Christmas Tree Majestic Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Classic Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
Heritage Balsam Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Kennedy Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree Real Feel Heritage Balsam Spruce

Since 1976, Tree Classics™ has been a leader in the artificial Christmas tree industry. Driven by a passion for providing customers with lasting quality and innovative designs, Tree Classics continues to enhance its line of holiday decorations year after year.

Featuring our exclusive Real Feel™ needles, our highly realistic, artificial Christmas trees mimic the texture and color of true evergreen foliage, allowing you to enjoy all of the advantages of an artificial Christmas tree without sacrificing the beauty of a real one. Our trees are so lifelike that it’s as if you’re bringing some of the wintery outdoors into your home without all of the work and care necessary to keep a real tree alive. The color and shine of your Christmas decorations will stand out beautifully against the rich greens of our branches and needles.

No matter what kind of space you’re looking to fill, Tree Classics™ has multiple options for you. For those with high ceilings, we have our 8ft - 9ft trees. These tall, artificial Christmas trees have the height necessary to look great in any space. We also have the best slim and narrow artificial Christmas trees for those who have limited space. Our slim and narrow trees include options like Real Feel™ needles, energy saver lights, and space saving branches. Not only will our stylish slim trees stand out in any room, they’ll look full and natural as well.

Our Snap Tree™ is a comprehensive and effortless tree assembly and storage solution. Simply lay the tree base on the ground, snap the stand in, and tilt it back up.

The Quick Set™ lighting system incorporates all light strings within the tree trunk. Light connections are automatically made while setting up, so a single plug illuminates your tree. With our revolutionary Color Changing light technology, you can easily switch between clear and multi-colored LED lights at the touch of a button. Having the ability to switch from clear to multi-colored light accents allows you to change your Christmas decoration theme whenever you want. If you’re looking to add a little more color to your Christmas, you can do so by pressing a button. Replacing the color with simple, clear lighting is just as easy. Our pre-lit trees are professionally strung from the very top to the very bottom to minimize visible wires on tree branches.

No matter what kind of Christmas decor you plan on using, no matter your height requirements, and no matter if you’re looking to put a Christmas tree in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, Tree Classics™ has the best trees to help make your vision of Christmas a reality. We can help you bring the outdoors inside or we can simply enhance the space you have. The choice is yours.

With over 40 years of crafting innovative, beautiful trees that stand the test of time, a Tree Classics tree is the perfect centerpiece for your family's most joyous traditions for seasons to come.

Customers Love Tree Classics™
Excellent Product!
I give this tree five STARS. IT is the most beautiful artificial tree I have ever seen. It has the look and feel of a real tree and is well worth the money.
—Shirley Hearn from Marianna, FL
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Closely resembles the bushy beauty of a
true pine. Right down to the miniature
pine cones that appear randomly throughout.
—Bob Vila about the Virginia Pine »