Alaskan Spruce Wreath & Garland
Alaskan Spruce LED Wreaths and Garlands


Alaskan Spruce Wreath & Garland

With Real Feel™ Technology & Battery-Operated Lights

Our Alaskan Spruce Wreath features verdant needles that evoke the warmth of holidays at home. This wreath is pre-lit with battery-operated LED lights for hassle-free decorating.Read more »
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Taking inspiration from one of our most beloved trees, the Alaskan Spruce Wreath evokes the warmth of countless holidays at home. A great match to the Alaskan Spruce Snap Tree™, our wreath features verdant foliage modeled after the Picea abies.

The Alaskan Spruce Wreath is made from a combination of Real Feel™ PE foliage and Classic PVC needles to mimic the beautiful appearance of its namesake. It also features warm LED lights with a built-in battery pack and 6-hour timer for decorating convenience. Placed on your door or perched on the mantel, our Alaskan Spruce artificial Christmas wreath creates a cheerful ambience for your holiday gatherings.

    All Models:

  • 30-Day Guarantee. Learn more
  • Features Real Feel™ PE needles (40%) for a natural look and Classic PVC needles (60%) for fullness
  • Great for indoors and covered location outdoors.
  • Flame-proof material
  • Pre-Lit Models:

  • Features battery pack (3 AA batteries, not included) & timer (6 hrs on, 18 hrs off)
  • Energy-efficient, pre-lit with Worry-Free™ LED bulbs
  • Professionally strung lights to hide wires
  • If a bulb burns out, the rest of the bulbs stay lit

Item# Item Name List Sale Price Qty Add
Alaskan Spruce Wreath26 InWreathLED Clear Lights 35189
$ 70.99
Alaskan Spruce Wreath32 inWreathLED Clear Lights 45220
$ 75.99
Alaskan Spruce Garland9 ftGarlandLED Clear Lights 45250
$ 65.99


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