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  • Assembly Instructions: Learn how to setup and shape our Christmas trees.
  • Product Questions: Find answers to many Lighting questions, tree sizes and shaping questions.
  • General Questions: Find answers to product material, payment forms, tree storage, etc.
  • Troubleshooting: Learn about various troubleshooting questions.
  • Tree Classics Guarantee: Learn about our standards and company values.
  • Tree Classics Product Warranty: Learn about how your product is a secure investment.
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  • Returns & Exchanges: Did you buy something from Tree Classics that you're not entirely satisfied with? Find out how to return or exchange your merchandise.
  • Order Troubleshooting: What to do if you've encountered problems with your order.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions: Find out how to shape our Christmas trees.

Click HERE to learn how to shape our Christmas trees.

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Product Questions

Question: An entire section of my tree won't come on and I just took it out of the box. Why won't it light?

Answer: This is likely happening because the foot switch, (it looks like a green, round button), has not been pushed down after plugging it into the wall. This switch goes in-line with the wall socket. The cord is a dark green and much thicker than the wiring for the mini-lights. It may be wrapped up inside the section. Remove the bubble wrap and twine to make sure.

Question: Where do I find replacement bulbs?

Answer: Bulbs are included with your tree. Most bulbs are standard sized 2.5 volt commercial grade mini lights and can be somewhat hard to find in stores. The sockets may differ. This means you might have to pull the actual bulb out and insert it into the existing socket of your tree. Retailers in your state may carry them depending on your area. These lights are 2.5 volt and .2 amps or 200 miliamps @ .5 watts per bulb. If you use a different bulb that does not match you will notice the bulb will look very dim.

Question: If I light the tree myself, can I use larger bulbs?

Answer: Yes you can. However, you must make sure that the lights are the same voltage, (2.5v). Also, make sure you're using bulbs that don't generate excessive heat as high-wattage bulbs can melt needles!

Question: I live in a foreign country. Will your lights work here?

Answer: Our lights are made for use with 110v. Most countries outside of the U.S. use 220v. You would need to purchase voltage converters for your specific electric current. If you are uncertain, contact a qualified electrician in your area. Note: We do not sell or provide converters.

Question: Are the lights twisted around the branches or attached with clips?

Answer: Our lights are both twisted around the branches and attached with clips.

Question: What is the wattage formula?

Answer: The calculation is as follows: watts = volts x amps. Each bulb is 2.5v x 0.17a = 0.425 watts per bulb x number of bulbs = approximate total wattage.

Question: If one light burns out, do the rest stay lit? If they don't stay lit, explain.

Answer: If a bulb burns out, there is a shunt in the bulb that should melt down and complete the circuit so the string does not go out. However, if a bulb was missing, broken, or loose, it will cause a partial outage or an entire strand will go out. If you can plug that section in and start at the first darkened bulb, wiggle each bulb, checking for a broken tip or whole bulb. When you get a flicker of lights on, you should have located the bad bulb. If it is broken or missing, replace it. If it appears ok, remove it and look at the two wires that go from the center of the bulb up each side of the holder. On occasion, one wire is too short or missing altogether. Replace that bulb. One more thing as you're going along, gently pull each wire that goes into the socket downward. Sometimes they are not securely in place and one of the contacts inside the socket is higher than the other. When there is movement in the branch area from any of the above, the lights will flicker and go out.

Question: What do I do when a light bulb burns out after the light warranty is over?

Answer: All you have to do is purchase more bulbs and replace them. You can find the 2.5v mini lights at many stores nationwide.

Question: What happens after the light warranty is over?

Answer: If you have a total light failure after the 2-Year Light and Foliage warranty, you can remove the light bulbs or strands and string your own. The light warranty itself only covers shorts, cut wires, or defects in the circuitry. Any time a bulb burns out on a string this is not covered under the light warranty. This is a user maintenance responsibility.

Question: Do you include extra bulbs and fuses with the trees?

Answer: Yes!

Question: How do we measure the height of the tree?

Answer: All of our trees are measured in the stand from the floor to the tip of the top branch.

Question: If a tree is 62" wide, is that the diameter or circumference?

Answer: It is the diameter. The width of our trees is measured across the bottom or widest part, from side to side or front to back, (the diameter of the widest branch).

Question: Do widths vary from tree to tree?

Answer: Widths can vary between 1-3 inches, depending on how you shape your tree.

Question: Do your trees rotate or do you sell rotating stands?

Answer: We do not sell trees that rotate or rotating stands. However, our trees will fit into a rotating stand which you can buy at other retailers. We do not recommend using a tree larger than 7½ft for a rotating stand due to the weight of the tree. Our tree poles are between 1" and 3" in diameter depending on the tree's size.

Question: How far off the ground is the first row of branches for my tree?

Answer: Depending on how you shape the tree, the bottom row of branches will be approximately 9"-14" from the floor.

Question: Are the hinges on the branches plastic or metal?

Answer: The hinges on our trees are made out of steel.

Question: What thickness (in microns) are the needles?

Answer: The needles vary from 0.12 to 0.24 microns. Most all trees are 2 ply. One ply needles are 0.12 and the other variation is 0.14.

Question: Can you explain the "number of tips"?

Answer: Generally, tip count of trees with shorter needles will be greater because of the length of the material. In addition to the spacing between branches and rows, tips are placed on the main branch stem to allow adequate room for displaying ornaments. Also, the varied branch lengths creating the silhouette of the tree can leave areas of ins and outs for larger, longer hanging ornaments.

Question: What is the diameter of your tree stand's pole opening?

Answer: We have 2 types; one has a 2" opening for large trees, the other is 1 1/4" for smaller trees.

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General Questions

Question: Do I get a stand with my tree?

Answer: : Every tree includes a stand suited for its height and weight. Some stands are plastic, some are steel. The type of stand you get is designed to withstand 2x the weight of the tree itself.

Question: Are your trees flame retardant?

Answer: Yes. We use top grade 100% flame retardant PVC and our PE products are also 100% flame retardant.

Question: I have allergies to certain materials, are your trees non-allergenic?

Answer: Yes, they are!

Question: Where should I store my tree?

Answer: We suggest a cool dry place, not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. An attic is NOT recommended.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Question: What if the price of a product I have purchased is reduced?

Answer:Tree Classics™ 2013 Price Protection policy regarding price adjustments for customers is as follows:
For purchases made during our Holiday season (on or before December 22, 2013):
If the price of an item you purchased is reduced within 7 days of your original purchase date or by December 22, 2013, whichever is sooner, please contact us by email at service@treeclassics.com and we will be happy to credit you for the difference between the price you paid (net of any promotions or coupons) and the current price. Please include your order number and your name in your email. Credits will be posted within 10 business days to the credit card originally used on your order. Once the transaction has been performed, an email will be sent to the address listed on your order.

For purchases made during our Clearance season (on or after December 23, 2013):
If the price of an item you purchased is reduced within 7 days of your original purchase date, please contact us by email at service@treeclassics.com and we will be happy to credit you for the difference between the price you paid (net of any promotions or coupons) and the current price. Please include your order number and your name in your email. Credits will be posted within 10 business days to the credit card originally used on your order. Once the transaction has been performed, an email will be sent to the address listed on your order.

Question: Who must pay the sales tax, if any?

Answer: We charge 0% Sales Tax on orders in all United States, except in CA, GA and NJ.

Question: Do the trees lose more needles the first year and what about subsequent years?

Answer: Shedding is greatest the first year. Because of the twisting process in the manufacturing, this is normal. The following years the shedding will be minor.

Question: What is the round plastic cylinder with holes around the pole?

Answer: That is the pole protector used for shipping purposes only to prevent the pole from breaking through the box.

Question: What is the odd branch that is on some of the branch samples?

Answer: If it is a single branch that does not match the rest, it is used to wrap around the branch metal stem and came loose in shipping. Furthermore, if there is more than one branch located near the end of the metal branch stem, those are called "filler" branches. This offers more texture and density to the tree and is strategically placed to provide a natural, full-look.

Question: Will I be able to see the tree's pole?

Answer: When the tree is shaped correctly, the tree's pole will not be seen when fully decorated.

Question: Why is one tree more expensive than another tree?

Answer: Tree price is determined by light count, tip count, features, and the type of material that is used.

Question: Are the needles 2 ply or 1 ply?

Answer: All of our tree needles are 2 ply except bristle trees that have a hard-straight needle. Other needles are flexible, shorter, and soft to the touch.

Question: Are the pinecones on some trees real?

Answer: Yes, all the pinecones are heat-treated, sterilized, and 100% natural.

Question: What is a hard needle and what is a soft needle?

Answer: A hard needle is the bristle, like a hair brush with stiff bristles. A soft needle is flexible and soft to the touch like the (PE) Polyethylene needles.

Question: What are Polyethylene (PE) Trees?

Answer: Liquid PE is poured into a mold for the branches. These molds are based off of actual tree needles. The end result is a very realistic looking tree with crush-resistant needles that will last for years without losing their looks.

Question: Will the White trees turn yellow?

Answer: This has happened in the past on very few occassions. This is likely due to where the tree is stored improperly. It is unclear as to what causes this to happen but something like this is NOT covered under the 10 year warranty. To avoid this, make sure you store your tree in a cool, dry place, (not an attic).

Question: How many garlands can be connected together and how?

Answer: You can connect up to three 12' garlands and up to two 20' garlands. There is a male and female plug at each end.

Question: Can these trees be used outdoors?

Answer: With some exceptions, we discourage the use of our trees outside unless in a covered location not exposed to rain or snow.

Question: How do I store a tree?

Answer: Put each section on the floor after lifting it upside-down so the branches fall down towards the center pole. Push the branches up against the pole to compress the tree. Wrap each section with a twine or other string and tie them so it is easier for you to put the section in a storage bag or the original box.

Question: Which trees are good for hanging heavy ornaments?

Answer: All the trees we manufacture have a rigid branch stem with a steel wire going through it that can handle ornaments much better than a real tree could. The only exception would be some of the short tips on PE trees that do not have a steel wire inserted in those short tips.

Question: How do I fix droopy branches?

Answer: First, check to see if the hinge pin fell out of its socket at the base of the pole. If it is inserted in place you can bend a drooping branch upwards by holding the branch close to the pole with one hand and gently bend upwards with the other.

Question: What is an easy way to separate my tree sections after the season?

Answer: You can use a lithium grease on the pole sections or a silicone spray. Twist sections left to right gently and it should come loose without an issue. This method helps greatly with very heavy trees since the tree's own weight can force the pole down further causing a section to become harder to pull upwards and remove.

Question: How do I know how much garland to buy?

Answer: This depends on whether or not you will be twisting or swagging your garland. If you are doing either, the general consensus is that 10' of garland when twisted or swagged will cover a total of 6'. If you purchase 20' of garland, you can cover 12', and so on.

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Question: What do I do when a light bulb burns out after the light warranty is over?

Answer: All you have to do is purchase more bulbs and replace them. You can find the 2.5v mini lights at many stores nationwide.

Question: What happens after the light warranty is over?

Answer: The light warranty itself only covers shorts, or manufacturing defects. Any time a bulb burns out on a string this is not covered under the light warranty. This is a user maintenance responsibility.

Question: I've tried to fix the lights myself, but I still can't get it to work. What do I do?

Answer: In this case, we suggest using the LightKeeper Pro. This tool is designed to fix dead strands quickly and easily. 9/10 trees that have a dead strand of lights are caused by 1 or 2 bulbs that are burned out and simply need to be replaced. The problem is finding the bad bulb. The LightKeeper Pro helps you identify a bad bulb very quickly and gets you back up and running. This tool works not only with our trees but with all other Christmas lights around the house.

Question: Do you repair burned out bulbs?

Answer: No, we do not repair burned out lights. This is not something covered under our light warranty. However, we can help you troubleshoot the problem. Make sure you read through the troubleshooting guide on our website and learn how to find quick solutions to common lighting issues.

Question: Where are the spare fuses located?

Answer: The spare fuses are located in the plug itself. Each plug slides open to reveal 2 fuses. 1 fuse is in use, the 2nd fuse is the spare.

Question: How do I check for burned out bulbs? (non-L.E.D.)

Answer: The best way to check is to examine each bulb's glass closely to see if there is any dark/black residue. If you see a black residue on the inside of the glass you can be sure the bulb needs to be replaced. This is easy to see with clear lights. It is more difficult to use this troubleshooting method with multi-colored lights since the glass is colored.

Question: I have a set of L.E.D. lights that isn't coming on, what do I do?

Answer: The only way to troubleshoot L.E.D. lights that are out is to inspect the connection to each light socket that isn't lit, inspect the wiring to make sure nothing is loose, and then systematically replace L.E.D. lights 1 by 1 until you find the problem L.E.D. Keep in mind, L.E.D. lights don't just burn-out, they slowly dim-over-time. If you have a new tree and an L.E.D. strand isn't working, its very likely that a socket is loose or twisted. Also, make sure you match the polarity when inserting an LED. Just because it won't work one way doesn't mean you can't flip it and it will not turn on.

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Tree Classics Guarantee

At TreeClassics.com, we want you to be satisfied when you shop with us. In fact, our product selection and service standards were crafted with you in mind. If you should ever find yourself unhappy with your shopping experience, let us know. We're always striving to better our site and would love to hear about what we're doing right - and what improvements we still should make. If after making a purchase, you have a dispute, we'll resolve the situation to your satisfaction - within reason according to your warranty.


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About Us

Our free delivery, which started in 1995 years ago on the Internet, our factory-direct sales, great warranty policies and customer savings of 40% to 60%, all have propelled us to the #1 ranked company on the Internet for sales of artificial Christmas trees.

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Tree Classics Product Warranty

A circle of service that extends far beyond the point of sale. Our products are backed by a warranty not because it's the norm, but because we are confident in our quality, craftsmanship, and vendors. When you buy a tree from us, you buy from the best!

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Find out more about our Shipping Policies.

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Find out about our Privacy and Security Tips.

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Learn about the Return Policy Tree Classic offers.

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Order Troubleshooting

Are you receiving an error message while trying to place your order or having other problems completing your order? Here are some suggestions that might solve your problem:

  • Is your Cart empty?

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  • Did you receive an error message on the payment page?

    Check your credit card number again to make sure the number was entered correctly. There should not be any spaces or dashes. Make sure you have entered the right credit card type, expiration date and CCV2 code.

  • Is the page looping or not updating?

    You can force your web browser to update by holding the Shift key on your keyboard and at the same time clicking the Reload or Refresh button on your browser. If this problem continues, please notify us.

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