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Grand Fir Christmas Tree12 ft77 in Clear Lights 170012564

Sale Price:$999.99
Evergreen Supreme Snap Tree9 ft56 inLED Color Changing 11503742

Sale Price:$999.99
Grand Fir Christmas Tree12 ft77 inLED Clear Lights 153012564

Sale Price:$1,199.99
12 ft with clear lights
9 ft LED color-changing
12 ft LED clear lights
Colorado Blue Spruce Snap Tree9 ft66 inLED Color Changing 15003718

Sale Price:$1,259.99
Royal Versailles Giant Tree15 ft76 inClear Lights 26007315

Sale Price:$1,359.99
Royal Versailles Giant Tree15 ft76 inLED Clear Lights 25657315

Sale Price:$1,799.99
9 ft LED color-changing
15 ft with clear lights
15 ft LED clear lights
Royal Versailles Giant Tree17 ft84 inClear Lights 31009323

Sale Price:$1,799.99
Royal Versailles Giant Tree17 ft84 inLED Clear Lights 30609323

Sale Price:$2,399.99
17 ft with clear lights
17 ft LED clear lights
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With artificial Christmas trees that look like they have been plucked from the forest and nestled cozily into your home, every penny spent on our masterpieces is definitely worth it.

Customers Love Tree Classics™
Gorgeous Tree!
The tree is simply gorgeous
and everyone who came to our house
over the holidays drooled over it.
Several people even mistook it for a real tree.
It was worth EVERY PENNY!
—Marci Lord from Marianna, FL
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