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4 - 5.5 Foot Christmas Trees

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Majestic Blue Spruce4½ ft34 inClear Lights 250964

Sale Price:$199.99
Classic Fraser Fir4½ ft40 inClear Lights 300659

Sale Price:$149.99
Grand Fir Christmas Tree5½ ft45 inLED Clear Lights 3603470

Sale Price:$299.99
4½ ft with clear lights
4½ ft with clear lights
5½ ft LED clear lights
St. Charles Spruce4 ft33 inLED Color Changing 200516

Sale Price:$149.99
Grand Fir Christmas Tree5½ ft45 inClear Lights 4003470

Sale Price:$289.99
Silver Bells Silver Tree5 ft40 inClear Lights 350722

Sale Price:$149.99
4 ft LED color-changing
5½ ft with clear lights
5 ft with clear lights
Alberta Spruce5½ ft44 inClear Lights 400989

Sale Price:$199.99
5½ ft with clear lights
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Warm everyone's hearts and spirit this season with our 4 ft to 5 ft artificial Christmas trees. Perfect for countertops and side tables, these miniature Christmas trees are a practical and versatile solution for decorating limited spaces even by your kids! Flank your doorway with these evergreen accents to welcome your guests with a rustic beauty. Showcase your favorite ornaments and other Christmas decorations by hanging them in its sturdy branches. After the holidays are over, easily store them for the next season.

Our pre-lit variants feature Worry-Free™ UL®-approved lights that are professionally strung by hand to minimize the appearance of wires. In addition to the usual Clear and Multi lighting options, they offer our new LED Color Changing Technology. This option provides 4 lighting choices, all into one tree. The same LED light bulb changes from a clear light to a colored light (yellow, red, blue or green) so that all of the tree's lights stay shining and bright.

Most of all, our 4 to 5.5 ft Christmas trees feature incredibly realistic-looking needles that mimic the color and texture of true evergreen foliage. The tree varieties look and feel so lifelike you can almost smell the distinct pine fragrance on Christmas morning. From the different shapes, needle type, and lighting options, these artificial Christmas trees are packed with holiday cheer and warmth.

Customers Love Tree Classics™
Gorgeous Tree!
The tree is simply gorgeous
and everyone who came to our house
over the holidays drooled over it.
Several people even mistook it for a real tree.
It was worth EVERY PENNY!
—Marci Lord from Marianna, FL
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